Social media have been around for a while, and as it seems that the moment, it is not going anywhere.  The expansion of social media has happened in the last few years, but it doesn’t seem to show any signs of decline.  Social media can be very useful when it comes to managing public relations.  social-media-trends-20151

Even though many law firms do not to use social media, social media can still be very useful to managing public relations of law firms, this is where hiring a legal pr firm might be useful.  Nonetheless, senior partners in law firms are skeptical of using social media in order to promote and advertise your law firms mainly due to these five fears:

  1. Social Media: What Is That?

white smartphone with social media bubbles (like, tweet, friend, share, photo) isolated white background

It does not astonishing or surprising that a lot of law firms avoid using social media, if you take into consideration that they are governed by people who are not in their twenties, or thirties for that matter.  Older generations, whether they are senior partners at law firms, or your grandparents, have a certain resistance towards social media.  Especially when social media should be used in public relations for something which is very serious, like your own business, it can be very puzzling how to manage the use the social media to your advantage and advertise your law firm.

  1. Bad Review

Just like with many other things online, the Internet is free.  It offers the freedom of opinion, it offers you a place where you can express yourself without any constraints, and sometimes even without an identity.  Sometimes, this freedom of speech can get you some bad reviews.  Whether they are founded or not, that is not the issue here.  Bad reviews online can rarely that image your overall business, that took years to build from nothing and was brought down by a few snarky comments online.


  1. Professionalism

Furthermore, some senior partners and all law firm owner is mistakenly fear that they will lose credibility and damage their professionalism if they chose to use social media as a way to manage their public relations.  This is an entirely wrong point of view.  Your professionalism will only suffer if you all are behaving in a nonprofessional with.  It doesn’t matter whether that behavior takes place in the real world, or in the virtual one.

  1. Being Available 24/7

When you are present on the social media it is expected of you that you are available literally all the time.  Sometimes this might seem as a good idea for public relations, but it can be very tiring for law firm management, even though in the end it is very convenient for the clients.  Being available all the time can not only you wear you out but it can also mean that you are working around the clock on managing your public relations business, even though it might seem fairly easy it often is not.